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RightClick began as a complete software solution for diamond dealers and jewelry wholesalers in the 1980s. It is a pioneer in software design and today serves as the cornerstone of the industry. It has served as the model for many other software products that came afterwards. RightClick is complete with multiple inventories, including cert and non-cert diamonds, color stones, pearls, castings, findings, metal and, of course, jewelry. All inventories offer multi-location and multi-company grouping and searches can be performed using any combination of criteria simultaneously, for example, shape, clarity, size, color and vendor, allowing sales reps to rapidly narrow down to the best selection based on a customer's requirements. Employees can even use wildcard searching, when only part of a search category is known.  RightClick delivers a reliable and comprehensive software solution that has been tested by the real world. 


RightClick’s diamond inventory has served as the cornerstone of the industry since the 1980s and manages hundreds of millions of dollars worldwide. Diamonds are organized as either certified or non-certified. Users can drill down on information to access inventory history, memos, sales and more. Bar code parcel labels can be printed or RightClick can work with RFID labels and scanners. RightClick automatically tracks changes to inventory, including cost, price, quantity and weight, by user, date and time providing detailed audit tracking.

RightClick’s style and jewelry system is one of a kind and offers extremely flexible features to meet the most demanding of needs, including the ability to define base styles that can serve as the foundation for jewelry inventory. The bill of materials window in RightClick allows product development staff or merchandisers to define style component breakdown to the smallest of detail, including two or more metals per style, by dwt. or grams, diamond and color stone components, setting costs, findings and all other labor costs that are necessary to produce the jewelry style. The components are used throughout RightClick for product pricing and manufacturing.

Jewelry Bill of Materials

RightClick offers a suite of diamond analytical tools including memo, sales and profit analysis reports, inventory valuations and many others. Price lists can be instantly emailed to customers and diamond inventory can easily be exported to other applications such as your website, Polygon, RapNet, BlueNile, just to name a few. Newly certified stones can be imported from GIA and certificates can be linked back to GIA’s website.

RightClick functions the way the industry works and allows employees to partially invoice or return memos an unlimited number of times. Effortlessly email certificates to customers or permit customers to use the Direct To Order module to access live certificate inventory and place orders directly into RightClick. Last but not least, memos, invoices and memo statements can easily be emailed to customers.

RightClick is the most comprehensive software system for managing both color stone and pearl inventories in the industry. Each inventory parcel or lot can have flexible grouping, categorization and identification. This means faster searching which saves time and money. Easily compare sales for different time periods or view profit, margin and markup averages as well as totals per parcel, customer and salesperson. Much like the other inventories in RightClick, users can drill down on information to access inventory history, memos, memo history, sales, credits and more. RightClick also tracks all changes to inventory, including cost, price, quantity and weight, by user, date and time providing detailed audit tracking.

Color Stones and Pearls

RightClick integrates email into your daily workflow so users can easily email memos, invoices, statements or inventory price lists. The open architecture allows for the import of new color stone parcels as well as the ability to export inventory for use in other applications, such as your website or for trading partners. Update prices, recut stones, print parcel labels, mix parcels and average costing are just a few of the other features that allow for the efficient management of color stone and pearl inventories. Users can also partially invoice or return memos an unlimited number of times.

RightClick delivers a complete set of tools for the manufacturer, caster and finding house with independent metal, casting and finding inventories. Metals can be user defined, prices can be updated daily or periodically and RightClick automatically updates metal prices by fineness factor. Track weight by either dwt. or grams and define increments per base metal. The metal inventory allows companies to manage raw and scrap metal.

Metals, Castings and Findings

Each casting and finding inventory item can be based on a default or user defined metal type. Users can look up inventory history for purchases or job bag allocations. RightClick also tracks all changes to inventory, including cost, price, quantity, weight, by user, date and time providing detailed audit tracking.

The RightClick jewelry pricing and manufacturing system is completely integrated with the metal, casting and finding inventories. Bill of materials can be linked to metals, casting items and findings all of which will print on reports and job bags throughout the manufacturing process. Departmental allocation of castings and findings, into job bags, instantly updates the value of the job bag as well as the casting and finding inventory, respectively.

Jewelry components can be set up to automatically allocate either casting or finding items at a specific job location. Vendor Purchase Orders can be created to fulfill job requirements and upon delivery, P.O.’s can be converted into purchases (partially or entirely) and allocated directly into job bags, all in one step.

RightClick's jewelry inventory is intuitive and offers flexible ways to organize and manage stock. Sales reps can quickly locate items by numerous categories and easy search capabilities save time and money. Easily compare sales, profits, margins and markups for multiple time periods by item, customer or salesperson. Users can also drill down on information to access inventory history, memos, sales, jobs, returns, orders and much more. Plus, like all other inventories, RightClick tracks all changes to inventory, including cost, price, quantity and weight, by user, date and time providing detailed audit trail.


Photographs or product video are a core feature of RightClick’s jewelry inventory and each item can have an unlimited number of photos and files. Customer pricing can be defined per item, along with a customer SKU. New orders, memos and sales can be processed by customer SKU or your item number. Bar codes and UPC codes can be defined per item and RightClick can also work with RFID tags, labels and hardware. Users can manually input items or scan product directly on to orders, memos or sales. In addition, RightClick includes the ability to print ring tags with either standard formats or users can create their own.

RightClick offers an array of pricing options for jewelry items, including three different pricing levels, customer pricing and gold, platinum, or silver increments. Jewelry can also be sold by quantity or weight (i.e. chains). Last but not least, proposals and photo catalogs can be printed or emailed to customers.

Jewelry components can be priced in a multitude of ways in RightClick. Designers can develop product pricing using overheads and markups on top of costs, or prices can be specified directly per component. Markups can also be defined per item or per customer for each component category (i.e. metal, diamond, color stone, findings, setting and labor). Metal can be priced using current daily metal prices or a fixed price. Even more advanced is RightClick’s ability to price by individual vendor part pricing.

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