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RightClick was designed from the ground up using the latest technology. It was built for modern times, for companies that need powerful and flexible software and nimble solutions that run on an iPad or Android device outside of the office. Employees can work from home on snow days or retrieve important information that can help close a sale while at a trade show. RightClick even allows employees to access and manage documents and files such as spreadsheets, images, video and more.

RightClick's core technology is based on Microsoft .NET C# (c-sharp). It can be configured to meet your company’s requirements, whether it be installed in your office and on your servers, in a cloud environment or in a hybrid system where designated employees (i.e. sales reps or executive staff) can access windows from the outside while others are limited to windows on internal servers. The choice is yours.

RightClick also takes advantage of modern server capabilities and is specifically programmed with direct multi-threading source code which processes multiple tasks and database commands simultaneously. True record locking is automatically handled as users create new records and update information. The RightClick source code is written entirely in 64 bit and is available for licensing.


RightClick harnesses the database power of SQL. SQL offers reliable and scalable information storage and retrieval. It is proven dependable for companies both large and small. SQL is the De Facto modern database engine.


RightClick can be customized down to the smallest of detail. Whether your company needs a custom window to handle a unique business method or merely requires an additional column in a grid or on a report, our team can create customized solutions for your company.

RightClick can be updated after being customized and this key point should not be overlooked; it puts RightClick head and shoulders above other software products available. While researching customized software solutions, make sure to inquire about updates on custom systems. Without RightClick's customizable design, custom software will be installed in your office and never updated.


RightClick has been perfected by over 25 years of rigorous use by thousands of users, many of their recommendations and suggestions have helped shape RightClick’s success. Software updates with new features are periodically delivered to every installation, including custom ERP solutions, which is an important distinction between Wise Choice Software and other companies who merely create static one-time-installs for each client, installs that quickly get stale with time. RightClick is ready for use today; it’s not a promise or vaporware and you need not wait countless months for delivery or implementation.

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