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Sales Tools

Sell More, Be Successful

Sounds like a simple formula, but selling can be difficult. RightClick makes it easier by offering a suite of sales tools that can help increase sales. How? RightClick puts your merchandise directly in front of customers. RightClick neatly packages proposals to buyers including all necessary spreadsheets and documents. RightClick allows sales reps to create orders, memos or sales from their iPad. RightClick includes a user-friendly searchable Kiosk that showcases your brands. RightClick's CRM tracks pending deals by probability and value, among other indicators.

RightClick's sales tools not only help increase revenue, they also save your staff time and money. If your employees spend a lot of time preparing catalogs or a jewelry proposal then RightClick can simplify the process. If your legacy software system doesn't even allow you to create proposals then why are you still using it? RightClick makes it easy for customers to order merchandise and today, customers demand fast service and convenience. If it's laborious to order from your company they will take their business elsewhere.

Buyer Proposals

Is your current software system limited to Microsoft Windows PCs? If so then it's time to upgrade. Don't let the limitations from yesterday bind you today. Sales reps must carry style catalogs on an iPad or laptop, it's just expected today because customers always want to see what else you can offer. With RightClick's Sales Rep module customers can see close up photos of jewelry and the sales rep no longer needs to carry every piece in the line.  RightClick also gives you immediate access to on hand inventory. Browse certificate stones and make a memo from any mobile device. Business happens fast and you need to react rapidly - having access to your data no matter where you are is crucial today.

Document management is another core feature of RightClick. Employees can access important documents no matter their location. Managers can update a pricing spreadsheet, attach it to an inventory item and a sales reps can immediately use it to make sales. Attach PDF documents to new orders for historical record tracking or include a copy of a customer's check with each payment record. Today employees need instant access to quotes, orders, proposals, photos, videos and much more.  With RightClick you have the power and control to extend your business outside of your office and into the modern world.

Every time a buyer accesses a proposal the date and time is logged permitting sales reps to know if and when their proposals have been viewed. Furthermore, all orders that originated from a Buyer Proposal program are recorded accordingly and tracked per proposal. Buyer Proposals can be created for specials, closeouts, new styles, limited editions, special pricing discounts and much more. RightClick is the only industry software with Sales Tools, such as Buyer Proposals, that help you make money. Always chose the right tool for the job.

Direct To Order

RightClick’s Direct To Order module puts your inventory in front of your customers and allows them to place orders directly into your system. This capability is not found in any other software product. With Direct To Order, customers see your jewelry or certificate diamonds, in their office, on their computers, in real time. No more faxing orders or emailing inventory lists!

Direct To Order is an interactive inventory program with user definable parameters. The parameters permit you to select the inventory, expiration date or who should be notified by email when new orders are placed. Depending on the inventory, other parameters include whether to display items or stones that are on memo or on order, which salesperson should be assigned to new orders, whether to list a stone’s Rapaport price or to show quantity available for jewelry items. These are just a few of the available parameters. Each Direct To Order has its own customer email distribution list and each customer can be assigned a unique password. Even a customized footer with terms and conditions can be specified. A Direct To Order can be previewed prior to sending it to customers so you know exactly what they will see.

Direct To Orders can be sent to customers daily or weekly, for specials, new styles, closeouts, to boost sales, for limited editions, special pricing discounts or for any other reason. It works 24/7 and orders can be placed at any time. RightClick is the only industry software with Sales Tools, such as Direct To Order, that keep your name in front of the customer and help you make money. Always chose the right tool for the job.


The RightClick Kiosk module allows wholesalers and retailers to visually showcase their merchandise to consumers using a professional and modern user interface. Kiosk can run on nearly any device, including iPad displays, PCs, Mac or Android devices and can be installed at an unlimited number of retail stores or locations. Consumers can browse your virtual inventory by style, type, class, collection or diamond quality and search ranges are also possible, including diamond weight or price. The Kiosk window permits consumers to browse merchandise that may not be physically available or view special order items. Each jewelry photograph can be viewed in a larger or resizable version. The company logo and name is also user definable.

Sales Rep

RightClick’s Sales Rep module keeps your salespeople focused on the goal of selling by delivering an extremely simple screen that permits them to create new orders, memos and sales with minimal steps. Sales Rep is a visual interface that displays jewelry or certificate diamonds and is easily searchable using one or more criteria fields. In fact, it is so easy to use, virtually no training is necessary! With RightClick’s Sales Rep, salespeople don’t have to become data entry clerks or receive extensive training for complicated software, they can begin making sales immediately.

With Sales Rep, salespeople no longer need to fax new orders or write them up after the fact. It eliminates both second hand data entry and potential mistakes that can increase delivery time or disappoint customers. Salespersons can even specify the ship to location, due date or size when ordering. Plus, RightClick’s Sale Rep module compliments a salesperson’s line by putting the entire jewelry catalog at their disposal. Photos of jewelry can also be resized to view further detail. For certificate diamonds, salespeople can click a link directly to the lab, such as GIA, to see additional stone qualities online. Sales Rep is a virtual inventory that can help reduce insurance costs and loss from theft.

New orders, memos or sales are saved directly into RightClick and can be emailed to both the customer and the salesperson for confirmation and tracking purposes. RightClick is the only industry software with Sales Tools, such as Sales Rep, that keep your salespeople focused on the customer and selling, in turn, helping your company make more money. Always chose the right tool for the job.


The Customer Relations Manager (CRM) is a part of RightClick’s suite of Sales Tools. The CRM is an essential tool for managing hot leads, new business opportunities and prospective customers. RightClick’s powerful CRM feature set is head and shoulders above any other in the industry. It includes a dynamic user interface with multiple views of information that helps make business happen. In one screen, sales reps can view the last time a customer has been contacted, current open business opportunities with summary totals per opportunity type and the current schedule of calls, meetings and any other event. This multi-informational view is only found in RightClick, and there’s much more.

With RightClick’s CRM, sales reps can easily update a customer’s information, create new prospects, add new business opportunities or update existing ones and schedule events such as a call back or follow up at a later date. The CRM window in RightClick was designed with nearly three decades of experience and is easy enough to be used while talking on the phone with a customer. Managers can also use the CRM by creating tasks for sales reps to perform, for instance, following up with customers for new business or monitoring the current sales pipe line. RightClick tracks all CRM updates and deletions as well, providing managers with an audit trail of events.


RightClick is renowned for being innovative. It is the only industry software with a set of Sales Tools that make companies more money. With RightClick you can broaden your brand reach and it can help boost sales. When it comes to making more money, RightClick is the right tool for the job.

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