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Retail Point of Sale Tour

Intuitive Point of Sale Interface

RightClick's Retail system is a comprehensive Point Of Sale (POS) software specifically designed for the retail jeweler. It has been used by jewelers nationwide since 1999 and has proven to be both reliable and dependable in all aspects of retail operations. Among its core features are the ability to track multiple types of inventory (including jewelry, diamonds and watches), manage customers, create appraisals with multiple photographs, manage orders or repairs and much more. The Retail interface is intuitive and extremely easy to use, without requiring extensive training for seasonal staff. RightClick Retail works on Mac, PC, iPad and Android devices and you are no longer locked into the Windows PC! It also takes advantage of SQL for powerful database management. RightClick is perfect for any size retail operation, from the single store or mall kiosk to the multi-store chain with extensive manufacturing requirements. RightClick can be installed in your office on your server or it works great in the cloud, the choice is yours!

Modern Features

RightClick Retail is unlike other legacy software solutions being offered today. It harnesses the latest in technology and its modern interface includes the ability to communicate with other software programs, your website or an online shopping cart -- all done through the Interchange module. RightClick allows retailers to go to where business is happening. Every day transactions are also managed by RightClick. Sales and returns are quick and easy, without complicated menus or screens that befuddle sales staff and take their focus away from the customer. Looking up information or taking payments for layaway items is equally as simple and fast. Furthermore, sales staff can create customers and ship to addresses during checkout. RightClick does not hinder business with confusing software or multi-step procedures; it was designed so that business comes first.

Other features of RightClick Retail include a robust order and repair tracking system. Sales staff can take in orders or repairs and new job bags are created and printed. Plus, one or more photographs can be assigned to each job. RightClick’s job bag system can track multiple jeweler stations and locations as well as parts and labor. Parts inventory is automatically updated upon allocation to bags. Regardless of whether the work is done in house or sent to an outside contractor, updating bags is a breeze. Customer pickup automatically completes the job bag, creates the customer invoice and records payment all in one step. You control the level of detailed tracking for each job bag.

RightClick also includes the ability to sell and track gift cards or gift certificates, manage layaways, create appraisals, send merchandise on consignment and create vendor purchase orders.

If your store buys estate items, gold or other precious metals, RightClick can manage the transaction and fulfill documentation requirements including driver’s license and multiple photos of the purchased merchandise. In fact, all paperwork can be scanned and stored with every transaction.

RightClick’s jewelry inventory includes flexible categorization and search capabilities. Sales staff can search by one or more criteria while looking up items or diamonds. Each item can be assigned one or more photographs and diamonds can link directly to GIA for detailed report characteristics. Jewelry tags and parcel labels can be easily printed and users can customize their own jewelry tags. Both jewelry tags and stone parcels can be bar coded.


Creating appraisals in RightClick is easy to do and you can format the layout using a built in editor that allows you to control fonts, formatting and more. You can also attach an unlimited number of photographs to each appraisal and by default four (4) will print on the customer's document. Employees can also create templates that can be used over and over again, saving data entry time.

Finding a customer's appraisal is extremely easy, making it convenient to re-appraise merchandise when requested.

Orders and Repairs

Sales staff can easily input an order or repair and quickly print a receipt for a customer. Special orders, items that need to be made for inventory, can be designated as such and RightClick will automatically create an inventory history record upon completion of the order. Customers can optionally leave a deposit for a repair and RightClick will automatically apply deposit payments when the repair is completed and invoiced. Job bags or labels can also be printed by employees at take in or at a later time, the choice is yours.

Multi-Company and Multi-Store

RightClick is multi-company and multi-store ready and includes accounting functionality and reporting. Flexible sales tax options are also available by customer and ship to. Sales can be assigned two salespersons with separate commission percentage and amount for each. In addition, users can import customers, vendors or inventory directly into RightClick at any time! You can even export sales and customers to other accounting programs through Interchange. Management can set up security per window, pagetab or button providing maximum control over which employees have access.

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