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Retail + Wholesale Integration

Total Software Solution

RightClick successfully manages nearly every aspect of the diamond and jewelry industry. Over the decades it has been proven both reliable and dependable for retail stores, diamond and color stone wholesalers, jewelry designers and manufacturers. In many cases, retailers will do some wholesale selling or wholesalers may own several retail stores. RightClick software covers the entire spectrum, there is no need to purchase a second software solution to meet your requirements.

RightClick's main menu includes numerous features that are often required by both retailer and wholesaler.

Perfect for Jewelry Designers

Jewelry designers often sell merchandise through their own retail store and also ship styles and designs to other retailers, as a wholesale business. Designers also need a robust job bag control system, like the one in RightClick.  Designers with a retail software and a separate wholesale software spend less time designing and more time on bookkeeping! Designers need a total software solution such as RightClick. 

Accurate Inventory

With a single software system such as RightClick, on hand inventory is always up to date. There is no need to update a "second system" if you have a retail and wholesale operation selling from the same stock. Since RightClick works in real time, stock values are updated instantly as each transaction is saved. Accurate inventory means fewer mistakes.

RightClick Features

Device Independence

Sales Tools




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