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Software That Does Not Force You to Change

RightClick sets the bar for job control and manufacturing software in the jewelry industry. Long before any other software company existed, RightClick managed, and still manages, hundreds of millions of dollars in annual jewelry production. Part of this success is the ability to adapt RightClick to your production workflow by defining job bag routing and specifying component allocation locations for each style or jewelry item. By defining your own workflow, the software works your way and does not force your company to change its successful business model.

The jewelry style components are the foundation of RightClick’s job control system and job bag requirements. Components are printed on job bags and the production cost during the manufacturing process is tracked by allocating parts and labor. Parts can also be automatically allocated to job bags at specific job locations. In addition, production routing can be defined by location and vendor as well as the time
duration for each, by the number of days, hours or minutes.

New jobs can be printed for stock replenishment, disassembly, repairs or for new customer orders. Each job can host one or more bags depending on the quantity, with each bag independently tracked. RightClick’s job bag window allows users to manage job bag locations and contractors, parts and labor, value and pending vendor purchase orders for required parts. Finding the status of an order or job can be done using multiple search criteria with the ability to drilldown and view bag details if necessary. RightClick includes the ability to split bags, transfer parts and labor from one bag to another or create new job bags on the fly. Management can easily view actual production costs, on time status and potential manufacturing bottle necks. The Job Bag Weight Tracking window tracks the weight of job bags from one location or contractor to another to reduce loss.

Job Requirements

RightClick saves time and money by automating one of the most tedious tasks of jewelry production: job requirements and component part inventory. Traditionally, managing job requirements entailed printing reports, looking up available inventory, manually allocating parts to job bags and placing purchase orders to vendors where there was an insufficient parts stock level. The Job Requirements window, only available in RightClick, is an interactive window which allows users to simultaneously view required parts and inventory availability per job, customer, order type, item, day, week or user defined date range. With this information on screen, users can instantly allocate inventory by required component part or to individual job bags. Further, users can create new vendor purchase orders based on inventory levels and production requirements. RightClick also allows purchase orders to be created with vendor’s item number, which can yield a faster turnaround time. Users can even specify cost and costing options per job bag allocation. Once purchase orders are received in house, allocating them to the correct job bag is easy; simply invoice the P.O. and the inventory history, job bag value and P.O. status are all updated by RightClick in a single step.

Demanding Production Requirements

RightClick can meet the most demanding production requirements and it works perfectly for one of kind items or recurring item production. Users can track certificate stones per job bag too. Hybrid manufacturing can also be managed, including semi-mounts and out-sourced assembly. In addition, RightClick offers flexible average costing options and automatic parts and labor allocation. Furthermore, vendor purchase orders can be received directly into job bags which saves time. Last but not least, users can rapidly invoice or memo job bags, which automatically completes the bag, updates the inventory history and order status, all in one step.

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