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More Than One Way To Sell

Traditional brick and mortar sales are no longer the mainstay for many diamond and jewelry companies. They have supplemented traditional sales with online business, orders from trading partners, EDI orders and third party websites, just to name a few. Companies increasingly need to handle multiple revenue streams to increase sales and RightClick Interchange permits companies to do just that, follow the business. Interchange is a dynamic and customizable import and export function that puts control into your hands without the need for a customization or special programming. Interchange saves both time and money. Interchange can also allow you to communicate with other software products.

Think of Interchange as the gateway for communications with other software programs, trading partners, your company’s website or shopping cart, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and much more. Its open architecture permits you to rapidly create communication links for new orders, updating inventory for online trading (i.e. Rapnet and Polygon) or even exporting data to an accountant or other bookkeeping program. You can create an unlimited number of Interchange links and each can be custom tailored by your staff to meet even the most challenging of import or export requirements. RightClick’s Interchange can even be set up to run automatically, in unattended background mode, to send or receive information every half hour, hour or any other user specified interval.

At its core is the flexibility to define column headers for any inbound (imported) or outbound (exported) CSV file. Once defined, RightClick’s Interchange will follow the format settings whenever tasked to process new information or create exported data. Interchange files are imported in various windows throughout RightClick, for example, new EDI orders (850) are processed in the Customer Orders window. Similarly, exporting inventory files to trading partners is done through inventory windows such as Certs and Jewelry, among others. Sending EDI memos and invoices (810) is done through Customer Memos and Sales windows.

Exported files can be emailed, uploaded to an FTP site, downloaded to the Desktop or output to a specific folder on the file server for use by another software program. Any of these actions can be set up to occur automatically at a specific time interval too, for instance, you can automatically send an on hand certificate inventory list via FTP to a client every half an hour and simultaneously receive an email with the same information.

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