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ERP / 50+ Workstations Tour

Large Scale Automation

Wise Choice Software and its product RightClick have been a trusted and respected member of the diamond and jewelry industry since the 1980s. Clients of all sizes use RightClick, from the single man start-up to companies with more than 50 workstations and offices in multiple countries. RightClick is in use worldwide today and it helps successful companies make more money.

The demands of a company with 50 or more employees are very different than the requirements of smaller firms. Companies of this size or larger often require an Enterprise Resource Planning solution, or ERP Software. ERP systems offer comprehensive options that cover most, if not all, of the functions required by the business. With RightClick software, your employees do not need to "exit" the software and use other products, RightClick includes features that cover nearly every aspect of the diamond and jewelry industry or it can be customized to meet a company's unique needs.

Department Level Tools

RightClick includes tools that can be used by numerous departments in large companies, including merchandisers, sales reps, executive decision makers and bookkeepers, to name a few. RightClick is not merely an inventory or billing software. RightClick includes a rich suite of Sales Tools that help sales staff remain focused on selling, features that allow brand promotion such as Kiosk, the ability to create and import line-sheets for The Majors (spreadsheets with breakdown by component), analytical reports, a CRM which managers can use to monitor sales reps, comprehensive security per window, pagetab and button, and much more. 

Responsive and Dependable Support

Another requirement that is often overlooked is the need for a software firm with a responsive support staff that understands the nuances of the industry. For over 25 years, Wise Choice Software has delivered reliable enterprise software and quality technical support to many of the largest companies in the industry with over fifty (50) workstations. We provide dependable software, not promises, and we are proud of our zero-down-day reputation. We are devoted to the jewelry and diamond industry; it is not a side business for us. Wise Choice Software's only business is the diamond and jewelry industry software, a facet that separates us from nearly every other company that offers software to the industry. Our experience and knowledge is second to none.

Our team can create customized solutions for your company in sixty (60) days or less. The foundation is RightClick, a software system which was built from the ground up and exclusively for the diamond and jewelry trade. RightClick’s database engine is SQL, (Microsoft, Oracle or MySQL). The programming platform utilizes the latest Microsoft .NET technology and it is programmed in c# (c-sharp). RightClick is designed to work across multiple offices, sharing the same SQL database, even if it’s located on a different continent (i.e. many companies have overseas factories that use and update the same database). RightClick is a modern software application that is not locked into a single OS (i.e. Microsoft); RightClick is platform independent and works on Mac, Windows, Android and the iPad.

We are based in New York City and all of our technical support and programming is done in the United States. Your needs and requirements will not get lost in translation.

Shop, Research and Demo

As you investigate software systems for your business, it's crucial that promises are factual. RightClick software can be tested prior to purchase, for up to 30 days, enabling your staff to verify that the features they require exist and function as promised. Make sure the software can grow with your business, how many divisions can it handle, if you begin another company can it accommodate the expansion? The last thing any company needs is its infrastructure holding it back. RightClick is an industry solution and it was designed to handle as many workstations as the hardware permits. Even older versions of RightClick, from a decade ago or older, run without interruption day-in and day-out, without fail. Our programmers know how to build bullet-proof systems.

Programmed Using Microsoft

RightClick software is entirely invested in the latest Microsoft technology, from .NET to Microsoft SQL. The underlying source code was written entirely in 64-bit, it does not contain any legacy source code from the DOS or Windows XP era. RightClick takes advantage of modern server features not available several years ago and it is specifically programmed with direct multi-threading code throughout, which processes multiple tasks and database commands simultaneously.

Ready Today!

RightClick is a ready-to-use software solution. The implications of this are simple: you can be up and running today, inputting inventory, customers, new orders and print memos, invoices, checks to vendors and much more. There are no physical limitations and you do not need to wait until programmers create a custom software for your business, rock and roll today!

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