Device Independence

Modern Times, Modern Software

Modern times demand modern software. Business happens everywhere: in the office, at trade shows, client meetings, industry events, even during a flight or from home. Employees need to work from everywhere and the flexibility to use any device is absolutely necessary. If you don't, your competition will and you'll lose the sale. RightClick was designed from the ground up and it is a modern diamond and jewelry software system.

RightClick will work on nearly any modern device and it is not locked to the Microsoft PC. Employees are free to use Mac, Android and iPad platforms, in addition to the PC. You are no longer limited to old-style PC-based software or complicated remote-desktop connections that are security risks. The freedom to choose is now within your hands.

Business On The Go

Is your current software system limited to Microsoft Windows PCs? If so then it's time to upgrade. Don't let the limitations from yesterday bind you today. Sales reps must carry style catalogs on an iPad or laptop, it's just expected today because customers always want to see what else you can offer. With RightClick's Sales Rep module customers can see close up photos of jewelry and the sales rep no longer needs to carry every piece in the line.  RightClick also gives you immediate access to on hand inventory. Browse certificate stones and make a memo from any mobile device. Business happens fast and you need to react rapidly - having access to your data no matter where you are is crucial today.

Document management is another core feature of RightClick. Employees can access important documents no matter their location. Managers can update a pricing spreadsheet, attach it to an inventory item and a sales reps can immediately use it to make sales. Attach PDF documents to new orders for historical record tracking or include a copy of a customer's check with each payment record. Today employees need instant access to quotes, orders, proposals, photos, videos and much more.  With RightClick you have the power and control to extend your business outside of your office and into the modern world.

No More Installation Files

Unlike legacy software systems from the past, RightClick does not need to be installed on workstations or remote computers. Sales reps do not need to download software and confirm updates are applied. Modern technology makes using software much easier than it used to be and nearly every employee knows how to use a web browser. With RightClick, you do not need to wait for a hardware consultant to setup a workstation, you just log on! Let's face it, if your company cannot grow because your current software keeps you back, it's time to switch to RightClick.

When RightClick windows and reports are updated with new features, employees automatically have access to the latest version when they log on. Your business is selling diamonds and jewelry, not technology. Your company makes more money when employees can focus more on selling and less on software updates or installations.

RightClick Features

RightClick Features

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