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At RightClick’s core is an integrated accounting system that is in use throughout the industry. It runs in real time mode, where sales, payments, expenses and all other transactions update database records immediately (without requiring batch processing). RightClick tracks changes to documents and keeps a log of deletions. With other industry software systems, companies need to purchase separate accounting software such as QuickBooks. By utilizing RightClick’s accounting, companies save both time and money by eliminating duplicate data entry, reducing mistakes and eliminating the need to spend money for a separate accounting software and support.

RightClick comes with numerous reports for accounting and bookkeeping including: Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Income Statement, Trial Balance, Chart of Accounts, Cash Receipts Journal, Cash Disbursements Journal, Purchase Journal, Expense Journal, Sales Journal and various customer and vendor aging reports. Additionally, RightClick includes an interactive Bank Reconciliation window and report plus a Commissions Manager window that makes tracking paid and unpaid commissions a snap.

The G/L is integrated into various transactions in RightClick, for instance, as users input sales, RightClick posts to the user defined default accounts when new documents are created. The same applies to purchases, credits, cash receipts, checks to vendors, expenses. As each of these documents are created, RightClick updates the appropriate general ledger accounts accordingly. Employees can edit the account distribution for each transaction. For purchases and expenses, separate G/L accounts can be specified per vendor, which will override default accounts. Furthermore, RightClick’s General Journal window permits bookkeepers to make balanced entries and update subsidiary ledgers.


RightClick accounting is multi-company and the G/L chart of accounts can be configured for each company individually. There's no need to run a separate accounting software product for each company.  Bookkeepers can also setup an unlimited number of divisions per company. Default accounts can be created per company and division pair and users can drill down on each G/L account to view the transactions for a specified date range.

General ledger chart of accounts can be configured based on your accountant's recommendations or RightClick can setup a default chart of accounts that can be changed, the choice is yours. RightClick also automatically calculates and posts sales tax and cost of goods sold. Comprehensive security options permits managers to control access to adding, changing, deleting and viewing information from the window level to pagetabs and specific features.


RightClick reports include a variety of search criteria options and bookkeepers can specify two or more search parameters simultaneously, for instance, it's easy to run a report by customer, salesperson and date range. Users can even perform wildcard searches when printing reports. Most reports can be printed by company, division and store and reports are categorized by department so locating the right report is quick and easy.

Each report also offers an export option if the raw data is needed for another program or for further analysis in Microsoft Excel. All reports are PDF based and they can also be exported to rich text format (RTF).

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