About Us

The 1980s

Wise Choice Software is a professional software firm devoted exclusively to the diamond, jewelry and gem industry. With thousands of satisfied users since the 1980s, our experience and knowledge of the industry is unmatched. The Wise Choice Software brand RightClick® is synonymous with reliability and quality and it is the go-to choice for companies that require dependable software systems. Regardless of the company size, from the one workstation startup to the 100 workstation multi-national jewelry manufacturer, RightClick has been trusted for decades. Our reputation has been proven by loyalty to our clientele, our commitment to excellence, craftsmanship and responsible customer service.

RightClick is unlike any other software product offered in the diamond and jewelry industry because it does far more than merely inventory or accounting. RightClick delivers solutions that help companies sell more and make more money: sales tools such as Buyer Proposals, CRM Opportunity Analysis, Direct To Order and Sales Rep, just to name a few, are found nowhere else. RightClick has always been the first to market new technologies that reduce your time to money. Even from our early days in the 1980s, we set the software standards for financial and audit reporting in the diamond and jewelry industry that are still used today.


Here at Wise Choice Software, we believe giving charity is an important part of success. It is our philosophy that financial donations that benefit others, during their time of need, come back to us in many ways. Wise Choice Software has donated over $100,000 during the past decade to food shelters and charities that benefit the hungry, the blind and the needy, as well as to animal rescues and shelters.

Our People

Many of our employees have diamond and jewelry industry experience or have previously worked at a jewelry retailer, diamond wholesaler or jewelry manufacturer prior to joining the Wise Choice team. We know your business and the industry’s requirements, rest assured, your needs will not get lost in translation. Our service, products, programming and support are all done from within the USA. Our programmers, some of whom have been programming directly for the industry for over 20 years, work in a variety of languages including C# (c-sharp), Java, HTML5, CSS and SQL. We invest heavily in the latest technologies, from Microsoft .NET to RFID. Unlike the revolving door policy of some companies, the people who work at Wise Choice Software are a fundamental asset. Many companies say they are the best, however, our reputation and trusted status within the industry is our proof.

Our Offices

Our corporate offices are located in New York City, in the heart of the diamond and jewelry industry. We are a real software firm with true industry experience. We provide onsite support in your office, whether near or far, or we can train your staff in our offices.

Our Facilities

We take your business very seriously. As the premier software provider to the diamond and jewelry industry we maintain multiple facilities and server sites, in addition to our corporate offices,  to maximize reliability and up-time. Our investments in infrastructure and security is an investment in our clients. Some of our offerings include:


  • Fault-tolerant, fully meshed, BGP4 based network (multi-carrier Internet protocol for maximum up time)

  • SHA2 Certified TLS AES 256 Encryption

  • Cisco ASA Firewalls

  • Cisco Router Traffic Rule Base for Application Server / Data Server

  • Multi-Layer Separation for Inbound/Outbound Traffic

  • Backups across multiple servers

  • Dedicated and non-virtualized application and data servers to maximize performance

  • Multiple Application Servers (permits failover capability)

  • 5 MW of power available, 20MW available for future expansion

  • N + 1 UPS configuration (over 2MW capacity) with 15 minutes of battery runtime at full capacity

  • 2N generator configuration with an 11,000-gallon fuel tank capable of operating for up to 72 hours at full capacity without refueling

  • RussElectric Automatic Transfer Switch Gear (ATS) which switches to generator power within 90 seconds of commercial power loss

  • Hospital-grade fueling contracts with multiple vendors to ensure priority refueling

  • N + 1 redundant Leibert CRAC Units

  • Hot Row/Cold Row Cabinet Configuration to ensure optimal efficiency

  • Raised floor delivery

  • Cold Aisle Containments

  • Zoned, triple preaction VESDA fire suppression system

  • FM200 fire suppression for all UPS rooms


When investing in a software system to run the most important elements of your business, it is best practice to select a provider that invests in technology, security and reliability.